HennyZ: Prototypes and specials of transmission electron microscopy sample holders

HennyZ is a company founded by prof. Henny Zandbergen (from Technical University Delft) and is focussed on the design of applications-driven prototypes of transmission electron microscopy sample holders with the basic principles: innovative, simple in design and application, user-friendly and reliable. Henny Zandbergen has academically worked for several decades on the development of sample holders and on method development in transmission electron microscopy.

HennyZ aims on the development new types of holders and making specials, rather than producing larger numbers of a few types of holders. Examples of holders (all with low drift (<3 nm/min) and high resolution (<1.2 Å)) realised during the last 3 years are: JEOL: JSCHB12: Single tilt cooling holder with MEMS-based biasing option (12 pins); JSCct: Single tilt cryotransfer holder; JDCHB9: Double tilt cooling holder with 9 pins MEMS for heating an biasing. FEI: FSCct: Single tilt cryotransfer holder, FDCHB6: Double tilt cooling holder with 6 pins for MEMS-based heating and biasing, FSVH: Single tilt vacuum transfer holder with MEMS based heating. NION: NSCHB6 and NDCHB6: Single and double tilt cooling holder with 6 pins MEMS for heating an biasing. HITACHI: HSH4: Single tilt holder with MEMS heater. Presently HennyZ is also developing a new cryotransfer system with computer controlled loading of several grids in a cryotransfer holder that allows for inspection of each of these grids subsequentially.

HennyZ welcomes requests from both academics and companies for specials and holders with special new features or combinations of existing features, in particular when innovative R&D is required. In general, HennyZ prefers to create solutions in close collaboration with the customers.

Some examples of holders